Aga Grandowicz

Metamorphoses 2 – theatre poster

Metamprphoses 2018 – poster Metamprphoses 2018 – poster

Following a sell-out run last year, London’s beloved, vignette-style production inspired by Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ is back!

It consists of five fantastical, multi-layered and poignant plays – stories of love (often unrequited), power of the arts, double punishment, gender identity, the interactions of gods and mortals, loss of speech and, most of all, transformation. This original show featuring elements of visual, physical, devised and experimental theatre as well as live music will create – yet again – a unique experience for the audience.

Here’s the poster and animated GIFs I designed for the festival’s promotion.

Metamorphoses 2 – animated gifMetamorphoses 2 – animated gifMetamorphoses 2 – animated gif – reviewsMetamorphoses 2 – animated gif – reviews