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What do theatre and film posters say about their makers?

What type of theatre and film posters can you see around? Do they feature faces/bodies of the actors, instead of more meaningful graphic ideas explaining in a visual way what the film / theatre play is about? Is their purpose to promote actors’ recognition rather than the film / theatre play they act in?

Unfortunately that’s often the case and the perpetual presence of these vanity posters is overwhelming. They are often visually uninteresting, not thought-provoking and cheap-looking – simply because there’s no idea behind them, or the idea is very poor.

Henryk Tomaszewski, one of the masters of the world-famous Polish School of Poster, once said – ‘A poster has to be like a prostitute – it’s the first thing you see on a street.’

Credits (from left to right, top to bottom):
Jan Mlodozeniec, Noma Bar, Wieslaw Walkuski, Alejandro Magallanes, Julian Naranho, Leszek Zebrowski, Anna Senczuk, Wieslaw Rosocha, Unknown, Jan Starowiejski, Tomasz Boguslawski, Noma Bar, Jan Lenica, Unknown, Jacek Staniszewski.

A good poster should be a piece of art on its own, something you’d like to hang on a wall and admire the idea behind it, its typography and composition.

So the next time, if you are hiring a designer to create a poster and your target is an intelligent audience, consider creating an intelligent design. We’ll all benefit from it. Because not everybody cares who acts in a film / theatre play – some of us care more what the film / theatre play is about.

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