Aga Grandowicz

My 2c on theatre and film posters

What type of theatre and film posters can you see around? Do they feature faces/bodies of the actors, instead of more meaningful graphic ideas explaining in a visual way what the film / theatre play is about? Is their purpose to promote actors’ recognition rather than the film / theatre play they act in?

Unfortunately that’s often the case and the perpetual presence of these vanity posters is overwhelming.

Henryk Tomaszewski, one of the masters of the world-famous Polish School of Poster, once said – ‘A poster has to be like a prostitute – it’s the first thing you see on a street.’

A good poster should be a piece of art on its own, something you’d like to hang on a wall and admire the idea behind it, its typography and composition, like in the samples below:

Credits (from left to right, top to bottom):
Jan Mlodozeniec, Noma Bar, Wieslaw Walkuski, Alejandro Magallanes, Julian Naranho, Leszek Zebrowski, Anna Senczuk, Wieslaw Rosocha, Unknown, Jan Starowiejski, Tomasz Boguslawski, Noma Bar, Jan Lenica, Unknown, Jacek Staniszewski.

So the next time, if you are hiring a designer to create a poster, consider creating an intelligent design. We’ll all benefit from it. Because not everybody cares who acts in a film / theatre play – some of us care more what the film / theatre play is about.

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