April 2020

Introducing physical letters for kids who love wildlife

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Do you remember the feeling of excitement when receiving a hand-written letter in the post? ✉ A letter you knew was from a pen pal living too far away to meet on a regular basis. A letter with added photos, little objects and souvenirs to it. How lovely it felt to receive it and send back something equally precious!

I’ve been thinking about all the kids that are now stuck indoors for most of the days, with very limited interaction with their friends and the outside world – and came up with an idea that hopefully will help to brighten up their days a bit.

European Birds #1 – new art prints available in my online store

Preview Image: 

This beautiful collection of European birds will surely take your breath away!

When was the last time you saw so many pretty birds nested together in slender and graceful vines?

Magpie, Robin, Tit, Crow, Wood Pigeon, Finch, Grey Heron, Sparrow, Jackdaw, and Song Thrush drawn beautifully in a circular vine is a soothing treat for the eyes and the perfect decoration for your sitting or office, especially if you enjoy animals art.

This birds art is a limited edition wildlife artwork, so grab yours before stocks run out.

Available from my online shop.