August 2020

Wildlife drawing of a Pinocchio frog

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Here's my wildlife drawing of a handsome Pinocchio frog, waiting to make your cute acquaintance!

Discovered for the first time on the mountains in Papua, Indonesia, in 2008, this frog is truly charismatic.

With the ability to inflate and enlarge its nose, much like the fictional character Pinocchio from the children's book The Adventures of Pinocchio, this frog became famous worldwide as a creature of miraculous traits. 

Similar to other amphibians, this green, slimy yet adorable frog feeds on insects and prefers to live high above grounds, possibly on trees.

Trees of Marlay Park – fine art prints, limited edition for each size (20)

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Remember those fairy tales that had this one giant old magical, all-knowing tree whose trunk opened up a portal to an unknown dimension, sweeping you off the floor and taking you to an enchanted kingdom?

Well, this tree reminds us of those same magical bedtime stories our mothers used to narrate us, before tucking us into bed for the night.

Ah! Those beautiful childhood memories! Take a walk down the memory lane and reminisce about those tender memories with this beautiful tree art –
tree drawings available in various sizes in my online shop.

Upside-down drawing of the Bulmer’s Fruit Bat

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I'm just wondering – if you are in a bats school and you ask a bat a question, should they raise their hands up or down? ;)

Very little is known about the elusive Bulmer’s Fruit Bat. Discovered by Sue Bulmer only in 1960 as c. 10,000 years old remains, this species was regarded as extinct, until the very first registered sighting of them in 1980. It is believed only a hundred or so of Bulmer’s Fruit Bats still exist in their natural habitat – Papua New Guinea’s caves that are 1.8-2km above the ground.

The curious red fox

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About to charge at its prey, this fox is as ready as ever!

Found across the entire Northern Hemisphere including most of North America, Europe and Asia plus parts of Northern Africa, these creatures have adapted well to human civilisation.

With an elongated body and relatively short limbs, the red fox is very agile, being capable of jumping over 2-metre-high (around 6 ft 7 in) fences, and swimming well.

Their tail, longer than half the body length, is fluffy and reaches the ground when in a standing position. Their pupils are oval and vertically oriented.

Wallace’s giant bee – original drawing

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Say hello to the world's largest bee!

The females can grow up to 38mm, about as long as half of my middle finger (males are smaller – up to 23mm long – and do not have large jaws). You may call it scary – I call it easier to spot!

Also known as Megachile pluto, these rare insects, once believed to be extinct, were rediscovered in 1981, and again in 2018. 

Reported to be a native of only three islands of the North Moluccas in Indonesia (Bacan, Halmahera and Tidore), very little is known about its distribution and habitat requirements.

Is it a Finch? Or is it a Robin?

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Is it a Finch? 

Or is it a Robin?

Turns out it's both! Who’s your favourite? 

Well, pick one fast before they both take a long flight out of your sight.

Flapping their wings, they're ready for take-off!


Wildlife art, featuring a realistic black and white robin drawing and a finch drawing, perfect for everyone that enjoys animals art and birds art in particular, created by a black pen with the help of Ireland's wildlife illustrator – Aga Grandowicz.

robin and finch wildlife drawing

Finch, robin and bumblebee – wildlife art, available as art prints and greeting cards.

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They hop, they chirp, they land on trees outside your balcony. This beautiful Finch will chirp its way into your heart.

Followed by this cute little Robin, with a beak as small as a grain of rice, flapping its tiny little wings.

And here comes the Bumblebee, this stingy, hairy, scary-looking creature buzzing its way into your house, but don’t worry, it won’t bite you as long as you do not disturb it.

Now we finally have a party of these three cuties. Enjoy them while they stay.


New Atlantic puffin greeting card and original wildlife art have landed in my shop

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Here’s a cute Atlantic puffin for you.
Did you know it’s the only puffin native to the Atlantic Ocean?

Cute little eyes, soft fur coat and a red beak full of fishes. Puffins are great divers and they can dive as deep as 60m, catching even dozens of small fishes in one go!
Pretty impressive, especially if you consider their relatively small size (28 to 30 cm long, 20 cm tall).