May 2023

Introducing Wildlife Art Birthday Parties with Ireland's wildlife artist and illustrator – Aga Grandowicz!

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Are you a parent of a budding artist with a keen interest in nature?
Then, hire Aga to run an unforgettable celebration that will inspire young artists and create cherished memories – in the comfort of your own home!

At Aga's Wildlife Art Birthday Parties, children can unleash their creativity while exploring the fascinating world of animals through drawing and painting.
It's the perfect way to combine artistic expression with a love for nature!

Buzzing Artistry: Drawings Showcasing Nature's Pollinators

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Bees, those tiny but mighty creatures, have long captivated the hearts of artists and nature enthusiasts. Their essential role as pollinators and incredible diversity have made them a timeless source of inspiration. For the past two weeks, I've been fully immersed in portraying a captivating collection of selected Irish pollinators, including bees, flies, and one majestic moth.