Finch, robin and bumblebee – wildlife art, available as art prints and greeting cards.

They hop, they chirp, they land on trees outside your balcony. This beautiful Finch will chirp its way into your heart.

Followed by this cute little Robin, with a beak as small as a grain of rice, flapping its tiny little wings.

And here comes the Bumblebee, this stingy, hairy, scary-looking creature buzzing its way into your house, but don’t worry, it won’t bite you as long as you do not disturb it.

Now we finally have a party of these three cuties. Enjoy them while they stay.


Why not keep them forever with yourself, with this beautiful wildlife artwork? Perfect for everyone that enjoys wildlife art and birds art in particular,
created by a black pen with the help of a wildlife illustrator – Aga Grandowicz.

Go and make them your own here (prints) and here (greeting cards).

Finch, robin and bumblebee


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