Hedgehog – A4 fine art prints are now available in my store


This tiny little creature, although looks scary to many, is truly a wonder of nature.

The spines on its back are safe to touch and not poisonous, unlike its distant cousin’s porcupine.

It can roll into a ball of spikes when threatened, other than that it's a pretty calm creature.

Hedgehogs are usually brown, with pale tips to the spines, but you can find blonde hedgehogs on the UK island of Alderney.

Would you like to get this "spikey" wildlife artwork created by Ireland’s wildlife artist Aga Grandowicz? Hurry, because this hedgehog might roll back and run away! ;)
Available as A4 fine art prints, limited edition to 20. 

This beautiful hedgehog art would be a perfect match for both rustic and modern interiors and should be cherished by everyone who enjoys wildlife art, animal art and hedgehog art in particular.



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