New Atlantic puffin greeting card and original wildlife art have landed in my shop

Here’s a cute Atlantic puffin for you.
Did you know it’s the only puffin native to the Atlantic Ocean?

Cute little eyes, soft fur coat and a red beak full of fishes. Puffins are great divers and they can dive as deep as 60m, catching even dozens of small fishes in one go!
Pretty impressive, especially if you consider their relatively small size (28 to 30 cm long, 20 cm tall).

Puffins, in general, are threatened by human activities and disappear from many areas where they were once abundant. Luckily enough, there’s many of the around Skellig Michael
in Ireland and what a sight it is to see them flying, diving and bouncing on the cold waves of the Irish waters!

Here's a new artwork I've posted in my online shop – it features a realistic wildlife artwork of this beautiful bird with its beak full of fishes – what a great way to say hi if you recently visited puffins' famous Irish nesting location – Skellig Michael in Co. Kerry!

Available to preorder as A6 greeting card (folded A5) and as the original wildlife art.

Perfect for everyone that enjoys wildlife art and birds art in particular, created by a black pen and watercolours with the help of a wildlife illustrator – Aga Grandowicz.



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