Our local birds – a mini information board featuring a selection of European birds

If you are a bird lover, you will probably like this mini information board I've finished recently. It features a selection of European birds: magpie, robin, blue tit, crow, wood pigeon, goldfinch and blackbird and their diets. I made it for a local school, but you’ll also see it around in a few other places. It's also available to buy from my online shop in two sizes – 40 x 40 cm or 55 x 55 cm, printed on 5mm weather-proof PVC.
Imagine how nice it'd look in your back garden, giving your young children an opportunity to learn the common's birds food requirements – so they'd know what to put in the bird feeder?

Let’s have a brief look at each bird in this information board.

  • Magpie: Regarded as one of the most intelligent mammals in the fauna diversity, this bird is the only one who can recognise its own reflection in the mirror. Found in temperate regions of Europe, North America, Asia and parts of Tibet and high elevation areas of India, this cute bird is considered a symbol of good luck and good fortune. (So don’t get too crossed with them if they wake you up with their screams! ;)
  • Robin: With an orange breast and face lined with grey, brown upperparts and a whitish belly, Robins for sure are a delightful view. Found across Europe, East to West Siberia, and South to North Africa, it is a small insectivorous bird that grows to about 5.5 inches in height. And, of course, it’s Ireland’s favourite bird! 
  • Blue tit: Identified by its blue and yellow plumage and small height, blue tit lives up to its reputation. These birds are a wonder in itself. Famous for their acrobatic skills, they can cling to the outermost branches and hang upside down when looking for food, which is mostly insects, small spiders, seeds and other vegetable-based foods.
  • Crow: We may seem to believe we know all about crows but there’s so much more to it. Belonging to the genus “corvus”, there are as many as about 45 or more types of crows. Spread almost across the entire globe, crows are considered to be some of the world’s most intelligent creatures, with an EQ equal to that of many non-human primates.
  • Wood Pigeon: Commonly known in south-east England as “Culver”, the wood pigeon is a member of the pigeon and dove family. Found in parts of Europe and West Asia, they can be recognised by grey colour with a pinkish breast, accompanied with a white patch on its neck and wings. They can grow to as big as 15 to 17.5 inches and wingspan about as large as 27 to 31 inches. 
  • Goldfinch: Found in Europe, North Africa and western and central Asia, the European goldfinch or simply the goldfinch is a beautiful little bird, identified by its amazingly vibrant colours. 
    The male of this species has a red face and a black & white head with back and flanks either buff or chestnut brown, the black wings bearing a broad yellow bar. The tail is black with a white rump. The males and females look almost identical, with females having a slightly smaller red area on the face.
  • Blackbird: This bird comes from Europe, Asiatic Russia and North Africa and has been introduced to Australia and New Zealand. It has its entire body of black colour with a yellow eyering and beak. It has a very soothing and melodious voice. 


This beautiful local Irish birds art is a wildlife artwork, perfect for everyone that enjoys wildlife art and bird art in particular, created by Ireland’s wildlife illustrator – Aga Grandowicz.
What a perfect way to introduce local birds to your tiny tots!

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Really happy with how this information board turned out :) It's a mini information board featuring a selection of European birds; magpie, robin, blue tit, crow, wood pigeon, goldfinch and blackbird. Available as 40 x 40 cm or 55 x 55 cm, printed on 5mm weather-proof PVC. I made it for a local school, but you'll also see it around in a few other places, plus I made it available to buy from my online shop! https://shop.aga-grandowicz.com/product/our-local-birds-%E2%80%93-information-board / / / #Europeanbirds #magpie #robin #bluetit #crow #woodpigeon #goldfinch #blackbird#artwork #informationboard #illustratedinformationboard #wildlifeart #wildlifeillustration #birdsart #realisticart #birdlovers #birdsdiet #birdsfacts #animaldrawings, #naturalscience #animalsart #animalsartwork #pendrawing #pencildrawing #watercolour #societyofanimalartists #GNSI #NaturalScienceIllustrator

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