Owls Awareness Day

Saturday, August 1, 2020

I'm hearing it's the Owls Awareness Day today, so here's my wildlife illustration of an owl for you :)

This majestic short-eared owl looks like it's gazing straight into your soul!

Short-eared owls belong to the “asio” group of owls, having tufts of feathers resembling ears of mammals, which may otherwise be invisible but when angered, this bird will display its stunning “flame-coloured” feathers, hence the name “flammeus”.

Careful now or it may knock your lights out. Lol! :)

This particular wildlife artwork is the one featured in the #CompellingCompendium - here on a greeting card from my shop. Perfect for everyone that enjoys wildlife art and birds art in particular.

Would you like to have your own owl art – drawing or painting?
As a wildlife illustrator, I'm taking wildlife art commissions, so get in touch today to discuss!

Aren't owls amazing? Do you have a favourite one?
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