Wallace’s giant bee – original drawing

Say hello to the world's largest bee!

The females can grow up to 38mm, about as long as half of my middle finger (males are smaller – up to 23mm long – and do not have large jaws). You may call it scary – I call it easier to spot!

Also known as Megachile pluto, these rare insects, once believed to be extinct, were rediscovered in 1981, and again in 2018. 

Reported to be a native of only three islands of the North Moluccas in Indonesia (Bacan, Halmahera and Tidore), very little is known about its distribution and habitat requirements.

Scientists and wildlife researchers, however, believe it is restricted to primary lowland forests.

This Wallace's giant bee realistic wildlife art is perfect for everyone that enjoys animal art, and insects art in particular, available as the original artwork in my shop here


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