Wildlife drawing of a Pinocchio frog

Here's my wildlife drawing of a handsome Pinocchio frog, waiting to make your cute acquaintance!

Discovered for the first time on the mountains in Papua, Indonesia, in 2008, this frog is truly charismatic.

With the ability to inflate and enlarge its nose, much like the fictional character Pinocchio from the children's book The Adventures of Pinocchio, this frog became famous worldwide as a creature of miraculous traits. 

Similar to other amphibians, this green, slimy yet adorable frog feeds on insects and prefers to live high above grounds, possibly on trees.

Pinocchio frog is exclusive to the tropical regions of Indonesia and the possibility of finding it anywhere else is highly unlikely, according to the wildlife experts.

This Pinocchio frog art, an example of fascinating animal art, has been drawn by for a ‘how to draw a frog’ video requested by Wicklow County Council, for their libraries’ Spring Into Story Time project. It was a true pleasure to work on it!

Fun fact: If you ordered the first subscription of my Happy Wildlife Post, you might remember this frog mentioned in the second letter! :)



My Pinocchio frog says hi :) This cute #amphibian was discovered quite recently (in 2008) in Indonesia. Do you agree it's absolutely adorable? ;) / Some of you know that I have recently launched a new product – wildlife letters for children (#HappyWildlifePost) – Pinocchio frog featured in this video was mentioned in the second wildlife letter that went out this week (2nd week of April 2020). You can learn more about the letters and order a subscription for your child here: https://shop.aga-grandowicz.com/catalog/wildlife-letters-children / / #pinocchiofrog #frog #frogdrawing #frogart #frogartwork #drawing #pendrawing #watercolour #wildlife #wildlifeart #animalart #wildlifeartist #wildlifelovers #animalillustration #societyofanimalartists

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