Working on a large mural in Greystones!

Hello and thank you for stopping by. I'm currently on annual leave and the shop is closed at the moment – please come back here in the second week of August.

All the best,
Aga Grandowicz

One day I think 'I should be drawing more', and the next day I'm landing my biggest commission ever – a large, 90m2, wildlife-related mural in Greystones' Park and Ride!

How fabulous, especially because the weather has been wonderful, despite the terrible forecast the week before the work's commencement – so typical for the moody Irish skies!

Greystones is an Irish seaside town, so the animals I've picked to paint are the marine ones and, at least in theory, living in the nearby part of the Irish Sea.
But of course, you have to be extremely lucky to spot an orca or a basking shark while having a dive in the sea! :)

Thank you to the wonderful Paul from Greystones Guide who did an interview with me – you can read and watch it here.


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