Predesigned animal logo – Badger



Badgers are crafty and smart creatures. No wonder J. K. Rowling chose a badger as the insignia for house Hufflepuff!

Badgers are often deemed to be nature's architect and builder. Gentle and docile, aggressive only when disturbed or attacked, badgers create awe-awakening structures such as massive underground tunnels stretching miles and miles beneath the earth. Using dry and dead vines, they've been known to construct strong and sturdy bridges across rivers, capable enough to completely prevent the flow of water downstream.

This predesigned badger logo can be used for a kids’ construction club or simply for an organisation that looks after badgers.


It is unique to every purchase – it can be downloaded only by a single buyer, meaning no two buyers will get the same logo.

Comes in a package that includes:

  • A vector file – both horizontal and stacked version (to be used in printed communications);
  • A pdf file (for sharing and to be used in printed communications);
  • A few png files in various sizes – you can specify what sizes you’ll need (to be used in digital communications);
  • The diagonal lines you see here will be removed – their purpose is to protect this logo from unsolicited use – they act as a watermark.

Just let me know what the name of your organisation is and what colours you prefer, and the ready package will be on the way to you.