Predesigned animal logo – Bat and Badger



Crouching badger, hidden bat!

The wildlife is full of surprises.

The law of jungle states "survive or perish" and over the years animals have developed mind-blowing camouflages to assist in hunting and to ward off predators.

Portraying this concept is the logo depicting a badger and a bat. 

Lurking in the shadows is the badger, awaiting its prey when a bat flew by, chasing a fly.

This lovable logo, crafted especially for those who find bats and badgers cute, just like I do!

Now here’s your chance to have this logo for yourself.

Make it as the symbol for your kids' secret storytelling group or a logo for a night watch society.


This Bat and Badger logo is unique to every purchase – it can be downloaded only by a single buyer, meaning no two buyers will get the same logo.

Comes in a package that includes:

  • A vector file – both horizontal and stacked version (to be used in printed communications);
  • A pdf file (for sharing and to be used in printed communications);
  • A few png files in various sizes – you can specify what sizes you’ll need (to be used in digital communications);
  • The diagonal lines you see here will be removed – their purpose is to protect this logo from unsolicited use – they act as a watermark.

Just let me know what the name of your organisation is and what colours you prefer, and the ready package will be on the way to you.